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Instruction in
Voice, Modeling,
Pageantry, Stage
Presence, Acting
& Comedy
Music Recording, Duplication, Marketing & Distribution utilizing
traditionald & new
media outlets
Developing Talent
for Live Performances
Audio & Video Recording and Editing
A Web Media Channel
Events & People
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     Goldsmith-Vigneri Productions is a Performing Arts and Media company.  We are in the business of sharing knowledge and an appreciation of the Performing Arts, developing the Talent and Skills of individuals and using traditional and new media to promote the Performing Arts and individual Artists.
     If you have any questions after visiting our site, please contact us either by E-Mail or by phone.
Goldie Goldsmith-Vigneri
Events & People
Ron Browning
Vocal Coach
Meghan Linsey
comes to STUDIO G
Sierra Noble
comes to STUDIO G
Katie Hardin
Blues/Jazz Singer
Christina Walton
Country/Pop Singer
Thriller Dancers
Frozen Experience
Studio G Gospel Ensemble